A Christmas Poem

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TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS furnished by Adam Perciful Twas the night before Christmas And all through the house Not a wrestler was stirring Not a Coach or his spouse
The children were nestled All snug in their beds While visions of victories Danced in their heads
Their singlets were hung On their doorknobs with care In hopes that a medal Would soon join them there
When out on the lawn There arose such a clatter I sprang from my bed To see what was the matter
And what to my sleep filled Eyes did appear? But a man with a bag Full of wrestling gear
He wore a striped shirt A ref he must be But what was he doing here Talking to me?
He looked in my eyes And he said with a smile I have something to tell you So sit for a while
He said you’re a winner I’ve seen your medals all right But the true “Seasons” about A baby born on this night
When you’re out on the mat Don’t forget who you are Think of the brave wise men Who followed the star
If your arms raised in victory Or you suffer a loss Remember who died His arms spread on the cross
He picked up his whistle And he blew it aloud And then he was gone In a blue misty cloud
I wandered inside Not sure what to do But deep down inside I think that I knew
I fell to my knees I thanked God for the “Season” It’s not just about wrestling I have now come to reason
I will work out my best I will still strive to win I will head lock and cradle To achieve the big pin
But when the bracket is finished The mat’s rolled away I will simply be thankful That I wrestled today
For sometimes our gifts Are wrapped up with a bow And sometimes they’re simply In things that we know
So parents and coaches Please take time in this “Season” To hug your young wrestlers And tell them the reason
It is not because They have lost or they’ve won It is because you are proud Of the job they have done
So I’ll turn out the lights It is late now it seems Merry Christmas to all Wrestle well in your dreams