Congratulations at Sperry

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Despite the frigid weather( and every other tournament in the tri-state area being cancelled) the BWC wrestlers at Sperry did exceptionally well; despite the hour delay in starting, no heat in the gymnasium, sketchy PA system and apparently so much ice that someone accidently fell when leaving and broke a leg.

Congratulations to Colton H. for his 3rd place winning; Aydn P for his 2nd place winning (against a 3 time state champ by the way), Ethan G. for his 2nd place winning and Jakob H. for his 3rd place winning. Thank you for all the coaches for giving your time, energy, weekends and money to helping these kids succeed. Thank you to the wrestlers who fight their hardest and do their best, day after day. Whether winning or loosing, there is always an emotional ( in a good way) learner!