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Tournament Information and List

Youth Wrestling in Oklahoma is not limited to club practices. Each wrestler has the option of signing up for weekly tournaments. BWC looks at;; for different tournaments to attend.

Each week we will attend a novice tournament and an open tournament; there are times the tournaments are at the same location, however many times they are not.

The tournaments BWC will go to are determined as much as in advance as possible (some times new ones pop up with only a week or two notice). If you decide to attend a tournament, you will sign up your wrestler on Tuesday night at practice. You will need to fill out  a   Tournament Sign Up Sheet and pay the fee (most tournaments are $15 or $16 each).  You will be provided with a flier that tells the location and weigh in times for your wrestler.

BWC would like all wrestlers to sit together at the tournaments (it makes it easier for the coaches to keep track of kids). You are not required to purchase a bracket; your coach will have a bout sheet that tells what mat and match number you are on.

Parents are responsible for getting their wrestlers to and from tournament, making sure they weigh in at the correct time, making sure they have the appropriate attire, water/snacks, exc. The BWC coaches will do as much as possible to help however needed, and of course will be on the mat with your wrestler.

So far these are the tournaments we are attending:

Novice- 11-8-14 East Tulsa

Open- 11/8 Catoosa

KickOff Classic November 13-14

11/15/14 Ponca City Open

11/15/14 Union Novice